May 5, 2011

Ares (The God of War)

Anger courses through my veins
Fire rages on all sides of me
I inhale the fumes of death and destruction
I have been baptized in my enemies’ blood
The battle frenzy is still upon me even though all have fallen
My ears still ring with the echoes of battle
I throw my head back and roar triumphantly
I raise my bloody sword towards the sky as an act of defiance
Do you see me now Father?
Do you fear me now Father?
I am Ares
The dead of a thousand nations lay at my feet.
I am Ares
The sounds of men destroying each other enflames me
I am Ares
I am the bane of mankind
I am the god of war
I am the god of slaughter and bloodlust
Fear me
I am Ares!

copyright © 2011 Kevin Routh


  1. I fear him! Great job on this poem of bloodlust and war.

  2. Oh My I am married to an Ares, and he does war.

  3. I like the repetition of the line, "I am Ares." It gives your poem added strength. Well done, and thanks for sharing.


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