May 4, 2011


he kisses her naked breast and tells her he’ll be back soon
            I love you Maddie
just going out to walk the dog
            I’ll be right back
he runs his fingers through her red, tossled hair, winks
and is gone

hours of unanswered calls, text messages and tears
an officer finally appears at her door
matter-of-factly informing her of her lover’s death
            Random act of violence
he looks away embarrassedly as she drops to the floor screaming
            You can come down tomorrow and identify the body
he shuffles his feet nervously, pats her back
and is gone

cradling his pillow, breathing in his scent
she cries herself to a fitful sleep resurrecting him in her dreams
            I love you Maddie
he comes to her with sad eyes and caresses her face
she desperately struggles to hold on to him as she starts to wake
            I loved you
as he fades into the fog, he smiles at her
and is gone

copyright © 2011 Kevin Routh


  1. This could really be fleshed out into a short story. I wanted to know more.I liked, "resurrecting him in her dreams." I think that is what we try to do when we loose someone we love.

  2. Bloody hell !! short and sharp as a knife I felt her loneliness.


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