June 9, 2011

3:22 am

she stumbles in the front door
glazed eyes
angry eyes
she punches me with her vitriol
hitting me harder than with her fists
her fury and rage attack me like a violent summer storm
where is my bride?
my partner?
my lover?
my friend?
she’s gone
replaced by a stranger
replaced by anger
replaced by hate
tomorrow there will be remorse
she will be sorry
but not tonight

copyright © 2011 Kevin Routh


  1. hey! this is so different from nething i have read in a long time..raw thots yet they connect so beautifully! liked it a lot...following u :)


  2. Thanks Sarah! Sometimes these poems aren't easy to write...

  3. Really great. You perfectly described the feeling of a fight.

  4. Anger claims us all at times. You have described it well.

  5. whew yes when anger takes over we are not ourselves....hope you weather well the night...

  6. Rage transforms us into strangers, and transforms love into something strange as well--it should be indulged in sparingly in my experience because it is very rarely justified. Very well captured.

  7. I have seen how anger destroys, and it is a terrible cycle to witness. You've expressed some of the terrible emotion of someone living in that darkness

  8. It looks like she's intoxicated and is an angry person when she is. Terrifying and difficult. Your writing is heartfelt and thus one can feel the sadness and pain reading this.

  9. Thank you all for the wonderful comments! Some poems (like this one) are like old wounds that have been torn open. Instead of trying to stop the pain of these wounds, I just let them bleed out on the page... It can be a painful process reliving things that I'd rather forget, but it's real.

  10. Poetry can be an escape sometimes... and sometimes a reason to persevere.... I know your pain and your anger and your frustration, and even sometimes the humility and embarrassment of it..... I know.


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