June 1, 2011


  Part One

  People pass by with vacant eyes.
            Cars honking.
  A siren screams it’s warning for all to hear.
            Dogs barking.
  A raggedy man mumbles to nobody.
            Rain falling…

  Part Two

  The man,
  His last name forgotten in the
  jumbled mess of his mind,
  Talks loudly to no one in particular
  about how the government had failed him,
  about why Jesus Christ was pissed off at the Chinese,
  and how, one night in 1979,
  he had accidentally killed a man…

  The man,
  shuffles through the rain,
  as the echoes of a long forgotten war
  Follow him
  and Haunt him.
  He looks for shelter from the rain
  so he can sleep and find
  Peace from the demons.

  The man,
  Rain dripping from his nose,
  Remembers through a tunnel in his mind,
  a hospital that closed
  Leaving him angry, confused,
  He screams blindly at shadows in the rain.

  The man,
  Who reeks of cheap wine
  and urine,
  Preaches to the rainy night
  as the five teenaged boys
  run towards him with hate in their eyes
  and sticks in their hands…

  The Man,
  His last name – he remembers now –
  Lay dying in a pool of his own blood.
  As the rain pelts his crumpled form,
  He smiles and waits for the end.

copyright © 2011 Kevin Routh

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