August 9, 2011

Do You Dream?

Do you dream?

When the night is dark

and the lonliness in your soul is so


that it suffocates you?

Do you dream?

Of hot summer nights;

you and I moving to the beat

of an ancient,

primordial drummer,

as the sweat on our bodies

glistens in the moonlight?

Do you dream?

Like I do,

of how it would feel

to slowly memorize one another -

the touch,

the smell,

the taste?

Do you dream?

Of the sounds we would make,

our breath quickening,

becoming more urgent -

the moans,

the sighs,

the muffled screams?

Tell me,

I need to know -

Do you dream?

copyright © 2011 Kevin Routh


  1. oh yes..i dream A LOT..and i love to dream! Can live without oxygen ( if it were possible somehow) but not without my dreams :))
    nicely penned poem!


  2. The passion and urgency to know, is very nicely depicted.. loved it!


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