August 1, 2011


Nobody cried the day Alice Luden died.
Nobody cared that the lady who talked to herself and ate garbage, once danced for the New York City Ballet.
Nobody wept for the wife who lost her husband to a war, or for the mother who lost her only son to disease.
Nobody minded that a hospital closed, putting a confused old woman out in the street to fend for herself.
Nobody shed a tear for the person who often went hungry for days.
Nobody gave a damn about the dirty, old bag lady found frozen to death in an alley…
Nobody cried the day Alice Luden died.

copyright © 2011 Kevin Routh

1 comment:

  1. I found this to be extremely emotionally compelling. What's truly disheartening is how uncaring the world can be sometimes. It takes a brave soul to find light in the darkness we've created for ourselves.


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