September 28, 2011

children of the night

dusk says its goodbyes
the evening breeze sighs
songbirds are crooning sweet lullabies

the moon is reborn
it guards us 'til morn
no more need to feel lost or forlorn

a wondrous sight
our wings stretched in flight
we dance with the stars in pale moonlight

over valleys and streams
our endless horde streams
feeding and flying 'neath silver moonbeams

soft morning intrudes
on our brief interlude
our midnight ballet must now conclude

copyright © 2011 Kevin Routh


  1. what a tribute to bats.. loved it coz it is not dark atall even when bats are considered to be dark..

  2. Thought I'd check out your blogs, after all of your support (thank you, by the way).
    And to my delight I stumbled upon some great poems, I specially like this one. The words are soo powerful!
    New follower here.


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