September 20, 2011

my son

yesterday i held you
as the nurse placed you in my arms
amazed by your beauty
my heart sang a song of joy
as you slept

yesterday i watched you
as you took your first steps
amazed by your curiosity
my heart sang a song of joy
as you explored

yesterday i comforted you
as you said goodbye to your pet
amazed by your tenderness
my heart sang a song of joy
as you cried

yesterday i encouraged you
as you read your first book
amazed by your intelligence
my heart sang a song of joy
as you learned

yesterday i tickled you
as we wrestled on the floor
amazed by your silliness
my heart sang a song of joy
as you laughed

today i try to hold on to you
as you go out into the world
amazed by your independence
my heart sings a song of joy
as you leave


copyright © 2011 Kevin Routh


  1. What a beautiful boy, and touching poem. Very lovely. It all goes by so fast!

  2. Lovely dedication to a cute little boy! The parental affection is nicely displayed.. touching!

  3. Nicely done Kevin and your son is a charmer too! I loved it. Peace, Terri

  4. You touched on the moments that count. Very very nice! I can relate. Well written and liked the form.

  5. So sweet, and a great photo too! I love your tender remembrances captures so lyrically. Well done!

  6. A lovely progression here-- the joys of a parent, always mixed w/ impending loss.


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