November 7, 2011


the rain falls
i walk unsteadily
and take no notice
as cold raindrops soak my hair
and my clothes
i stumble in shock
replaying earlier events
over and over again in my mind
a car screeches to a halt
and honks as i stagger across a busy intersection
i am blind to the world
my eyes are filled with tears and pain
i am consumed by my grief
and still
the rain falls

copyright © 2011 Kevin Routh


  1. rainfall is beautiful.


    natural word flow.

  2. how the rain impacts life.. when emotions play hide and seek.. they soothe us at times, other times they just exist.. like in this verse... but the existence is strongly felt!!

  3. Nice...they say rain conceals the tears from others visions.

  4. Damn, Krouth. I feel cheated. Because I am such an idiot, I missed that you had two blogs. This is really awesome stuff. Love it.

  5. Its great that every poem of yours has a picture. Such Simple writing is not so common.

    I write poems too, (but not this simple.)


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