December 1, 2011

the creator

the shy little girl starts to lose
as she grabs the brush
and slowly dips it into the paint

she briefly closes her brown eyes
breathes in the wonderful smells of the studio
imagines all the colors
and feels the paint brush become an extension
of her hand

the stained grey smock
carefully covering her school clothes
comforts her
as she envisions the pictures
that she will create

she opens her eyes
smiles at the blank white canvass
and lets the artist within her
take over

she is no longer the shy little girl
afraid to speak or to participate
she is now the artist
the creator
she is now alive

copyright © 2011 Kevin Routh


  1. Creating is so magical.
    Very sweet. Spoken like a Dad.

  2. That was delightful! I just stopped by from Best Posts of the Week.

  3. Cool... Creativity always is... like this poem.

  4. notice that you won the perfect poet award for poets rally week 57, welcome take it,

    join us any time when you are free.

    outstanding poetry along the way, truly enjoyed your lasting support.

    keep rocking.


  5. Creating brings freedom...loved the freedom you have written for the little girl

  6. I like this poem because I also get lost in my paintings and feel alive with art.

    Thanks for writing a perfect artist poem :)

    I think being a writer is the same way being a creator of a story or poem. Creating worlds of words.

    we are all creators in our own ways...

  7. I too get lost in the worlds I create when I write my poems.


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