December 14, 2011

i stand alone

i occupy this space
this time
this body
this planet
i am not a placeholder
i matter
i stand alone

i will not get bogged down
by can’t
by won’t
by shouldn’t
i make no excuses
i exist
i stand alone

i will not back down
from negativity
from disapproval
from condemnation
i am strong
i survive
and i stand

copyright © 2011 Kevin Routh


  1. Power reaffirmation of 'self.'

  2. Kevin, wonderful poem! Each of us stands alone. Your poem made a strong statement. We each have our opinions and our right to them. Bravo for a wonderful poem.

    Here is mine, and I feel pretty much as you do:

  3. I like the strength of this expression of existential aloneness. On some level I do think each of us is alone, whether we stand or fall. Better to stand. Good to connect too.

  4. I enjoyed the rhythm of this, the structure and the repetition and similarities in stanzas. Gave it a clean and strong feel. And in the end we do each stand alone.

  5. I enjoyed the quiet strength of this.

  6. i am not a placeholder

    I love that! Great attitude and strength. This poem means (to me) we must all do our part... action is required!

  7. Why does it feel like we all stand alone, in the end?

  8. This is so simple, yet so profound. I love it!

  9. To stand as a human being in the face of all that might crush our sense of self is a big deal. Thank you for this empowering poem.

  10. We all stand alone dealing with life as it comes to us, trying to be strong and not always managing. These words convey strength of self when after all we are all alone in reality. Really powerful poem which I like.

  11. That's me. This poem shares my feelings.

  12. fundamental sentiments.
    lovely imagery.
    you make us feel your words there.


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