December 29, 2011

Bad Attitude

I look out my window
It's snowing
God how I hate the damn snow!
It just keeps falling past my frost bitten window
Damp flakes of icy dandruff
Mocking me
I suppose if it were warmer outside
I wouldn’t mind the snow so much
But then it’d be raining
God how I hate the damn rain!

copyright © 2011 Kevin Routh

December 20, 2011

Lazy Boy

I never really learned Kung Fu
The piano, I gave up
My baseball shoes are stuffed in a corner
And I never potty trained my pup

My kite is stuck up in the neighbor’s tree
My model car still hasn’t been built
My bedroom is just a horrible mess
And my plants have all started to wilt

I’ve tried to finish so many things
But they were all so very hard
Even my yo-yo lays tangled on my floor
And my skateboard has been left out in the yard

My dad says that I should persevere
He says I should never, ever quit
But even trying has become so difficult
And I’m not sure that I like it one bit

But I guess that maybe my dad might be right
Not quitting should be a snap
I think that now I will clean up my room…
Right after I take a quick nap!

copyright © 2011 Kevin Routh

December 14, 2011

i stand alone

i occupy this space
this time
this body
this planet
i am not a placeholder
i matter
i stand alone

i will not get bogged down
by can’t
by won’t
by shouldn’t
i make no excuses
i exist
i stand alone

i will not back down
from negativity
from disapproval
from condemnation
i am strong
i survive
and i stand

copyright © 2011 Kevin Routh

December 9, 2011


reflected in your eyes...
the greens
the blues
the reds
the huddled children
all snug in their beds
the "oh you shouldn't haves"
"i don't deserve this"
the sharing of love
with a hug and a kiss
the smiles 
the laughter
the giving and the sharing
the ribbons 
the wrappers
the loving and the caring...
reflected in your eyes
is the nicest Christmas
of all

copyright © 2011 Kevin Routh

Thank you Thursday Poets Rally for this award. I nominate Emmett Wheatfall for the next award.

December 1, 2011

the creator

the shy little girl starts to lose
as she grabs the brush
and slowly dips it into the paint

she briefly closes her brown eyes
breathes in the wonderful smells of the studio
imagines all the colors
and feels the paint brush become an extension
of her hand

the stained grey smock
carefully covering her school clothes
comforts her
as she envisions the pictures
that she will create

she opens her eyes
smiles at the blank white canvass
and lets the artist within her
take over

she is no longer the shy little girl
afraid to speak or to participate
she is now the artist
the creator
she is now alive

copyright © 2011 Kevin Routh
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