January 30, 2012

white wave

as i walk along the craggy coast
cold rain falls from the sky
i listen to the waves crash in
and to the seagulls cry

the icy wind wails the sad, sad news
the young girl has been snatched away
she left this world much too soon
on a cold, gray winter day

she rode in on a white wave
but now she is no more
she walks along a different path
upon a distant shore

thunder rips the skies above
the heavens cry tears of rain
the white wave has taken the young girl
to a place with no more pain

raise your head and lift your voice
sing out loud and true
the ballad of the white wave
and the girl that we all knew

copyright © 2012 Kevin Routh

January 25, 2012

her eyes

her eyes
sensual and mysterious
so alive with fire and passion
grab me from across the crowded bar
and capture me with a fleeting look
i am taken prisoner 
by those eyes
i stumble forward in a hypnotic trance
when i reach the eyes
i smile and start to talk
but they turn to ice
the eyes dismiss me with contempt
and turn away
only to latch on 
to another

copyright © 2012 Kevin Routh

January 13, 2012


the sad smile on your lips and
the tears in your eyes
mean nothing
to me

the half hearted apologies and
the irrational explanations
mean nothing
to me

my heart betrays my anger
i want to hold you tight
as i flirt with forgiveness

but the images of your betrayals and
the sounds of all your lies
mean nothing
to me

because the years we spent together and
all the love that we shared
meant nothing
to you

copyright © 2012 Kevin Routh

January 5, 2012


*Note:  This poem isn't meant to offend anyone's religious beliefs.  I don't want it construed as an attack on religion.  I simply wrote it because crucifixes have always freaked me out.  I don't know why - they just do.  I'm cool with people believing in whatever they want...

the man on the cross
glares down at me
i try and ignore him
and sit quietly in the pew
but he sees through my charade
as i stand to sing the
oft repeated hymns
and mouth the
oft repeated prayers
he leaps off the cross
and runs up to me
he screams
as he pulls me to my feet
exposing my lack of faith
for all to see
their judgmental eyes bore into me
how can they all be so sure?
he places my hand on his wounds
but still
i hesitate 
my questions
this manikin
this cosmic referee
standing before me

copyright © 2012 Kevin Routh
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