January 5, 2012


*Note:  This poem isn't meant to offend anyone's religious beliefs.  I don't want it construed as an attack on religion.  I simply wrote it because crucifixes have always freaked me out.  I don't know why - they just do.  I'm cool with people believing in whatever they want...

the man on the cross
glares down at me
i try and ignore him
and sit quietly in the pew
but he sees through my charade
as i stand to sing the
oft repeated hymns
and mouth the
oft repeated prayers
he leaps off the cross
and runs up to me
he screams
as he pulls me to my feet
exposing my lack of faith
for all to see
their judgmental eyes bore into me
how can they all be so sure?
he places my hand on his wounds
but still
i hesitate 
my questions
this manikin
this cosmic referee
standing before me

copyright © 2012 Kevin Routh


  1. I think this poem sums up what a lot of people feel. Great work!

  2. I'm with you on this one, Kevin. I want to parochial school through the eighth grade. He was always there, behind the teacher, ever reminding us of just how bad it could get if we were naughty children.

    Those are formative years. Imagine the result of seeing a guy nailed to a cross, day after day after day...


  3. I agree with this poem 100%

  4. I love this and can completely identify with it! I attend a catholic school and feel this way almost everyday during religion class. There's always something eerie about seeing a dying a man lying on the wall above you each day. It makes you feel almost guilty for not having done the same. Not exactly the message of hope the church preaches so often.

  5. I am a Christian. I thought this was a great poem.

  6. I also agree with this work, nicely done.

  7. Accepting judgement is a heavy load

  8. no matter what you do, you feel judged. :(

    the earth

  9. Powerful. I always love controversial pieces. Faith comes easy to some and some search for it for life times. I wouldn't worry to much about the man on the cross. It's just symbolic of sacrificing oneself for the greater good. All good Christians know that...

  10. Dont see any thing offensive about this...
    I liked the poem



  11. Your lines are really powerful! Nice read. Very close to truth. I think this is what everyone feels. :)

  12. I am not sure how this could offend. This poem is very well done. Hello neighbor, I live in the CWE.

  13. I think you've summed it up well, without being provocative. That's difficult to do, so well done.

  14. I had a very graphic crucifix in my house which I must say did freak me out as a child. But so did many of the other objects in our hall. I eventually realised it wasn't the crucifix or any thing else that was to blame. We had an invisible ghostly presence!

  15. I like this poem! One of the problems with making a man into a god is that all other men must strive to do so as well... and honestly, no one is perfect nor can anyone actually become perfect... so expecting us to be so is a horrible burden none of us can ever succeed at conquering. The feeling of inadequacy, shame and imperfection makes the best of us feel like crap and the worst of us feel justified in doing what we do. Your poem accomplished a lot of contemplation for me... :-)


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