February 27, 2012


i trip and fall
down the eternal staircase
of this marriage
my bones popping and snapping
like kindling
as i bounce and spin
and twist
i am a dancer in a grotesque 

as my body
comes to a stop
on the landing
my crumpled form is a symphony
of pain
i slowly turn my head
and look up
i strain to see
what unseen forces caused me to fall
and there i see you
standing at the top

copyright © 2012 Kevin Routh


  1. Thought this was beautifully-written. It really struck me. Sending intarweb support...

  2. Thanks for the comments! Writing really helps me to purge my stress.
    Welcome to my virtual mental health therapy session... :-)

  3. Powerful imagery. I love your 'symphony of pain.'

  4. Ouch. You know, it is possible for marriages to end... If yours hasn't yet, good luck the rest of the way. P.S. not to make light of course, but I fell down a spiral staircase once and the pain was surprisingly limited. Without the straight drop, you don't build up as much speed. Sure, there's more impact, but it's without velocity.

  5. I can't imagine how painful a marriage falling apart would be. I really am sorry.
    The only thing I can imagine that would be harder is the death of a child.


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