March 20, 2012


so you think you've got all the
to questions that have
never been asked
floating through life
scattering your cookie crumbs
for all the ants to fight over...

i pray
for the ability to forgive
i pray 
for the ability to forget

i remember the good old days
when i was happy
to be just another ant
clutching frantically to any crumb
you'd drop for me
the days before I realized
just how many other ants there were...

i am thankful
for the ability to grow
i am thankful
for the ability to go

the good old days are gone
they weren’t so good after all
i am no longer an ant
following you blindly
while you float through life
spreading your 

copyright © 2012 Kevin Routh


  1. I hope this is cathartic for you. It's good but painful.

    1. Sorry for the bummer.
      I wrote it a while ago after drinking red wine and listening to Pink Floyd (a lethal combination). I hesitated to publish it, but I kind of liked the "ant imagery".
      Maybe it needs to be re-written.

    2. No re-writing necessary. The pain here is real and it adds to the poem's impact. Even if the meaning is no longer true for you, the emotion when it was written is always honest.

    3. Thanks Diego! The emotions were definitely honest.
      Cathartic writing can be a great way to purge whatever bad emotions are bringing a person down, but it can also be a little depressing/painful to read. :)

    4. Heaven forbid! I was just sincerely hoping putting stuff down on paper was helping in the healing process. Red Wine and Pink Floyd is a good combination.

    5. I totally agree Flip! Red wine and Pink Floyd are a great combination! :)

  2. Kevin, I do believe you could use a hug ...

    or a big, lovely lovey love again....

    or some head.

    No offense. I speak from first-hand understanding. for realz. yes, with a z. makes it more real. is that real-er... yes. it is.
    I am drinking red wine, and the Floyd is playing in my head. [not like the head I mentioned above though]

    be well,

    1. Violet, this is my favorite comment - ever. You made me smile - for realz. ;)

  3. It was good to see you recognized that you were being used and part of a bigger ant hill.

  4. This sounds very familiar. Well expressed.

  5. This is interesting, I do believe I know what you mean. Every once in a while we have to stop and examine where we are and where we've been. Loved the last stanza.


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