April 12, 2012

Happy Birthday!

When my son Connor was born - 12 years ago today, the medical staff at the hospital immediately put him under a heat lamp and inserted a tube down his throat since he had swallowed some amniotic fluid. 
About a minute later, the nurse gasped, "Oh my god!"
I looked down at my newborn son and he had grabbed the tube and pulled it out of his throat.
The nurse reinserted the tube and said, "It must have gotten caught in his hands because newborns are just not able to grasp objects like that."
30 seconds later, Connor grabbed the tube and pulled it out again."
"That's just not possible," the visibly shaken nurse said.
Since that day, Connor has been showing me that nothing is impossible...

Happy birthday to my awesome son Connor who never ceases to amaze me!

In Connor’s honor, I’m reposting a link to a poem I wrote about him about a year ago:


  1. Happy Birthday, Connor! Stay cool, buddy.

  2. Very cool. My oldest turned eleven on Monday.

  3. And he was on the Autism spectrum.


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