October 11, 2012

act ii

my muse has abandoned me
leaving me alone
in the darkened theater

my insecurities
and all my fears
litter the stage
they are the broken props
from this failed play

a lone spotlight illuminates
my naked form
lying on this stage
curled into a ball
i look up through the light
and see the audience sitting silently

slowly, shakily
i stand
bearing my nakedness for them
hiding nothing
the muse no longer defines me
i define myself

my scars and my imperfections
belong to me
my pain and my darkness
belong to me
my beauty and my light
belong to me
belong to me

now as i look out
at all the expectant faces
waiting for the next act
i smile and continue the play 
because the show
go on

copyright © 2012 Kevin Routh


  1. Well written Kevin I really enjoyed this one, but then I always do.

  2. I really 'felt' something with this poem. This was really well written.

  3. I know that feeling all too well when the muse deserts you. But if you persist and keeping poking the embers, they will eventually rekindle.

    Well expressed poem with stunning imagery.

  4. this one is well done.

    smart metaphors.


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