December 19, 2012


My awesome son, Forrest, turns 15 today. He is one of the best people I have ever known and I am very proud of the man that he is rapidly becoming.
In his honor, I am reposting a poem that I wrote about him a few years back:

my son

yesterday i held you
as the nurse placed you in my arms
amazed by your beauty
my heart sang a song of joy
as you slept

yesterday i watched you
as you took your first steps
amazed by your curiosity
my heart sang a song of joy
as you explored

yesterday i comforted you
as you said goodbye to your pet
amazed by your tenderness
my heart sang a song of joy
as you cried

yesterday i encouraged you
as you read your first book
amazed by your intelligence
my heart sang a song of joy
as you learned

yesterday i tickled you
as we wrestled on the floor
amazed by your silliness
my heart sang a song of joy
as you laughed

today i try to hold on to you
as you go out into the world
amazed by your independence
my heart sings a song of joy
as you leave

copyright © 2012 Kevin Routh

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  1. Aww thats so sweet, your son looks very spookyly like my son, happy birhtday Forest :)

  2. It is a wonderful thing when a father can write these words to and about his son and say he is one of the best people he has ever known. In no small part due to your excellent and loving fathering. I am so happy to know there are fathers and sons out there like you two.

  3. I think I read this the first time you posted it; I forgot how talented you are. You spoke the words we fathers feel but sometimes can't articulate. Awesome.

    1. Thanks Flip! My daughter once told me - "Daddy, you're good at a lot of stuff, but being a daddy is your most bestest thing." I think she articulated it better than I ever could.
      Merry Christmas Flip!

  4. handsome young man,
    I recall that you mentioned your daughter last time.
    moving words.

  5. feel free to join our poets rally today,
    read, comment, and get inspired while inspiring our peers.

    hope to see you soon.
    Thank you in advance.


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